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Build a Brighter Foundation

Alpha, our foundational program, is a perfectly balanced sequence of mental, physical and spiritual activities designed to strengthen the innate connection between the two hemispheres of the brain for Age 6 to 20 year olds. By unlocking one's natural capacity for observation and intuition at a stage of development where the brain is highly mouldable, the program equips the child to engage the full spectrum of their cognitive abilities.

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Whole Brain Exercise

In a world full of distractions and an exam-driven formal education system, there is an unequal emphasis on developing the logical and analytical side of the brain. In the formative years, the neural networks in a child's brain are flexible and adaptable, making the brain more elastic. Activating the whole brain at this stage primes it to learn better. Alpha's research-based stimulating and relaxing activities open up and catalyse hidden pathways of the brain, helping them grow in different directions. This enables children to understand and, therefore, cope with their surroundings and situations more effectively.

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How it Works

The program consists of a finely-tuned balance of exercises that activate and relax different lobes of the brain, all within a positive learning environment. These include brain, eyeball, journaling and breathing exercises, music and dance as well as prayer and relaxation sessions. By strengthening the child's capacity to absorb, observe, remember, imagine, empathise, these exercises help children expand their horizons, while gaining confidence in themselves.

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Course Duration

The Alpha program is an 8-week program. Weekly one session of 3 hours.