Brain Exercise: Why It's So Important For Your Child

Child's Brain Activities | 21 April 2022

Let’s understand that brain development starts from birth and is immensely active until age 8. And most brain development happens during the early years. A child’s brain is eager to form neural paths that can trigger communication between the axons (brain cells). At the edge of each axon, there are many tiny connectors called synapses. These tiny synapses are essential for communication within the central nervous system. And these synapses need to be stimulated so that the neural connections are constantly in use.

How to Choose the Best Academy for Brighter Minds Program

Advanced Alpha plus | 14 April 2022

Brighter Minds is a scientifically proven training methodology designed to improve the cognitive growth of children and adults. It is designed and developed by professionals from different fields and put together in a compact program. Backed by neuroscience, this technique maximizes the cognitive ability of the child’s brain with specific brain exercises and activities. It helps your child improve focus, and attention, and boosts confidence.

Lasting effects of brain development through the effective alpha course

Alpha Course Program | 10 May 2022

The development of your brain starts right from when you are born and can extend up to your early twenties. While brain development is natural, brain exercises can play a huge role in shaping your brain. Especially those between the age group of 6 to 20, can take up brain development activities.

How innovative brain exercises transform a young child's brain into a strong individual.

Advanced Brain Exercise | 17 May 2022

Simple and easy brain exercises every day can do wonders to a child’s brain. It can boost the memory power and aptitude of the child. Just like physical exercise the brain needs some sort of activity too, to stay active.Logical and critical thinking is developed through brain exercises. Studies and research are all pointing toward how brain exercises are the ultimate growth stimulator in children,

Neuroplasticity Exercises for Children
Scientific Facts of Improving Cognitive Abilities in Children with Neuroplasticity Exercises.

Neuroplasticity Exercise | 14 June 2021

We naturally create connections between our brain neurons when we learn something new. This helps rewire our brains and adapt to new circumstances. So your brain's ability to rewire, relearn and strengthen meaningful brain connections is called neuroplasticity.

Meditation for Kids Can Help With Focus
Art of Mindfulness & Meditation to Improve Concentration & Focus in Children.

Mindfulness & Meditation | 21 June 2022

Mindfulness, meditation, mental training, or practicing patience all are heavy meaningful words. So, you may start wondering - how one can teach their younger children such things? Right?

They are too young to learn the art of meditation. It would be hard, but not impossible. We’ll help with why and how you will teach meditation to a child.